A Word Worth A Google: Petriverse


Pierre Jardin takes perverse pleasure in verbiage that reverberates or reverses on itself reflexively.  The petriverse “A Word Worth A Google: Petriverse” might initially be taken as a directive suggestive message to the viewer: ‘it might be worth your while to google the word petriverse.’ This meaning makes sense because strollers-by are unlikely to know the term, and whenever we encounter anything we haven’t heard of these days, we google it.  Viewers who do google “petriverse” find that the first link in the search results will direct them to this very page, and so when they click on the link and end up here, something will click (not just a mouse)….  So, there is a perverse reverberation achieved by the circular journey that starts by stopping to look at an eye-catching garden in the neighborhood, continues with a cyberspace word search, and ends up…back in the garden, only now the viewer who ogled the garden before googling it has the mind-boggling experience of reentering The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin through the virtual portal.

Petriverse is ideally verse that echoes in the ambulatory reader’s mind.  To get words to reverberate, they have to be worth reiterating.  Repeating the petriverse “A Word Worth A Google: Petriverse,” one might discover another possible meaning of the phrase, something to the effect of ‘the word petriverse is worth…a really big number.’  To arrive at this meaning, a stroller must know the meaning of the word google, which itself has two meanings.  In its first or popular usage, google is a verb: to use an internet search engine, usually google.com, or to search for the name of (something) on the internet to find out information about (it).  If you google the meaning of google though, you find an interesting second meaning, which is actually its original meaning, but attached to the original word: “The word googol means 10 raised to the hundredth power. Googol was going to be the spelling of Page and Brin’s company until at one time someone misspelled it as Google. It looked better to Page and Brin and the name has stuck ever since.  Google basically is a play on the word googol meaning a number followed by 100 zeros.”  And by all accounts Page and Brin have been banking mad bank mad with zeros ever since, laughing all the way to the bank, as they capitalize on perverting a word and thereby converting it into a word worth oodles of google.  To cogitate this is to surge towards a purgative urge to regurgitate….

At this point, things have gotten pointless; Pierre’s spin-doctoring is spin-cycling his brain.  He’s going in circles wondering whether googling ‘google’ is tantamount to squaring the already large amount of nothing going on—does googling google raise that word to the power of a number followed by 200 zeros?

In the end though, Pierre rests content knowing how hard it would be to put a price on the worth of the word petriverse, and hopes that the stroller-beholder or web-surfer who pays the price of pursuing the whole journey from reading the petriverse “A Word Worth A Google: Petriverse” to googling petriverse to entering The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin—Pierre hopes that such a valued, worthy person will have had an experience that was, well, priceless, if also perhaps pointless.


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