Text Message: iRock!


Pierre Jardin is always trying to stretch his limits, test his chops, try new things, by integrating contemporary writing styles into the Petriverse.  During a weekend when the new iPhone was causing consumer hysteria, Pierre felt it apropos to send a text message to the universe from his Petriverse.  Text messages are often sent with a tag “sent from my Smartphone/iPhone/Sprintphone” etc; these tags function as both a preemptive apology (for sloppy spelling) and a promotional apoplexy.  Text messages created in Pierre’s garden are all sent by smart stones–rocks imbued with intelligence as they are transformed into language by assemblage.

This particular text–“iRock!”–riffs on “iPhone,” indicating that the stones used to make the message are all a cool technology unto themselves.  The i and the ! form inverted bookends around the Rock, giving a visual pleasure to the text; one of the redeeming features of text messaging is that it has made people aware of the visual dimension of letters and other signifiers in new ways.  Pierre’s text message is both a boast (I rock!!!!) and a factual statement (I rock as an action, synonymous for ‘I place rocks here’).  Finally, “Sent from my Smartstones” expresses Pierre’s fondness for his rocks and reminds his viewers of stones’ ability to transmit thoughts to others, in an organic language.