A Philosopher’s Stone Monsters

Capture-stoneThe Peteriverse was recently graced with a weeklong visit by Pierre Cassou-Noguès, an internationally renowned philosopher and writer who teaches at the University of Paris VIII.  Pierre’s work, both accessible and mind-expanding, includes titles like The Melody of Tick-Tock and other reasons for wasting one’s time and Imagine the Earth without humans!  Interacting with Pierre Jardin, Philosopher Pierre conducted a series of investigations, explorations, and thought experiments about rocks and humans, and discovered Stone Monsters.  The result is a singularly thought-provoking, humorous, and moving short video called Stone Monsters in California.  Pierre Jardin immensely appreciates it; when he misses his friend, he watches it and smiles.

Pierre’s Stone Monsters work recalls in some ways a wise and whimsical short film called Das Rad Rocks (Academy Award nominee 2003), which also stimulates imaginative insights regarding the very different timescales of humans and stones.

You can view both these works in a mere 15 minutes, during which time you will have contemplated geological eons!  If time were money, you’d have made billions in a quarter-hour!

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