Pierre Jardin is the proud uncle of Danesh “DJ” Walia, age 16.  We spent a day at the beach looking for egg-shaped stones at the beach, and placed seven eggs in a little display.  DJ then composed the stone-message (The Seven Eggs of/in Stone) and egg-shaped oval around the number 7 and wrote the following post.  It is like Pierre Jardin and Yoda converged in one writer!  Thank you DJ!

DSCF8067Eggs of stone inside nests found! Time of day,
matter not does it. Nests all around, time moves forward. Eggs are eggs, no one has control. Time passes by, things pass on. No one knows what is it. What
is inside?


DSCF8072Inside is what? It is what knows no one. On things pass, by passes time. Control has no one, eggs are eggs. Forward moves time, around all nests. It does not matter, day of time. Found nests inside stone of eggs!



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