Blue Notes

dscf8126Pierre Jardin is often asked whether the blue markings are painted on the standing stones along the gravel path in the Petriverse. He associates these natural ‘blue notes’ on the rocks with the ocean waves where they have been tumbled round for millions of years. Looking at them, Pierre can hear the sound made by roughly-rolling-rocks moved up and down the swash zone by strong waves. Although tremendous mass and force are at work, the low, loud, rhythmic tones are deeply calming.

Jardin thinks of this sound as jazz made by the ocean, an improvisa-tional music in the key of sea. He calls the stones “blue note records” of this aeonic concert, bringing together in words two of his very favorite gifts in life: the propulsive grooves of Blue Note jazz records and the ebb and flow of rocks and water. The bass rumble of stones and intermittent splashes of sea evoke the drum rolls and cymbal crashes of Billy Higgins, an LA jazz treasure and Blue Note regular.