Charles Jencks’s Garden of Cosmic Speculation in March

One only begins to know a garden by visiting it at different times of year. Alistair Clark, the head gardener and long-time collaborator in Charles Jencks’s great land art projects, told me that he thinks requests to film at Cosmic Speculation should be met with a condition: film the exact same itinerary at all four seasons, because it is a completely different place as light, vegetation, and mood change.

Having seen the garden in the glories of June sunlight and rains, it was a revelation to see it stark in March bareness. Sightlines are clearer, the stand of poplars parallel to the train track stands out, and the landforms in early morning frost and low sun are far more dramatic in their dynamic contours (above). Less lush leafing lets the eye linger over long views, like this beautiful outlook over the DNA Garden with its stunning undulating walls (below).DNA garden and undulating walls copy




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