Petriverse earns “Geotour de Force” designation

Geotour de forceThe Petriverse has been designated a “Geotour de Force” by Golden State GeoTours.  The rare honor recognizes particularly powerful lithic locations in California, where geophysical energies and aesthetic splendor combine to attract rockhounds and stone lovers.  Canonical sites include Skull Rock in Joshua Tree, Devils Postpile, and Half Dome in Yosemite.  “We felt that The Petriverse displays a unique geophilic fervor, in its commitment to creating strangely attractive stone displays and attractively strange rock messages,” GSGT President Jon Mewer stated.  A dewy-eyed Pierre Jardin called it “a truly unexpected honor,” acknowledging that his humble suburban rock garden cannot compare with large-scale formations on the club’s list.  “While those places are authentic natural wonders, the Petriverse is, naturally, about making you wonder,” Jardin concluded enigmatically.


GHOSTONES Haunt Petriverse

The Petriverse dressed up for Halloween this year: standing megaliths donned white webwork and became “ghostones ,” which, surrounding a dolphin skull, composed a spooky display, especially at night.

Pierre Jardin considered the covering a poor-man’s mock-up of Christo wrapping trees.  The stones took on an ethereal beauty, lightening into slightly uncanny presences, almost afloat.

Pierre wondered how the stones felt in their garb: cheapened? cloistered and cobwebbed? or maybe they were happy being seen as ghosts, their spirits appearing to those passersby who don’t realize that stones are animate matter of the living earth….